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Short Films


Anchor 4

Another Empty Space  (2015)

In the winter of Berlin two ex-lovers meet for the first time since parting way

Director: Davi De Oliveira Pinhiero
Country: Brazil

TIME+PLACE: 6/13 - 6pm - Time Warner Theater

Bandito (2015)

On the night of a highway truck robbery, Jamie 14 is forced by his older brother to stay home, despite his hopes to participate in the heist. Determined to prove himself, Jamie sneaks out and joins the others, inserting himself into the center of the action. As the night veers increasingly off-course, Jamie will finally have the chance to show his true character, though not in a way he could have anticipate

Director: Evan Ari Kelman

Country: USA

TIME+PLACE: 6/14 - 1pm - CWE Auditorium

Capgras  (2015)

The life of a happily married couple is disrupted when Daniel wakes up with the feeling that an identical impostor has replaced his wife, Laura. As he dives deeper into the mystery, dark secrets from the past will turn his life upside down.

Director: Ruth Cherem & Diego Sánchez Nicolás

Country: Mexico

TIME+PLACE: 6/16 - 6pm - King Juan Carlos I Center

Ciclo Sin Fin  (2015)

Jimena Silva, a young author, struggles with herself in order to finish her latest piece. Just three weeks shy of her upcoming deadline, Jimena searches for what she considers are the crucial moments in every relationship. Jimena drowns in the depths of her own experiences as she tries to find her Muse.

Director: Fernando Rodriguez

Country: Puerto Rico

TIME+PLACE: 6/15 - 5:30pm - Argentinian General Consulate

Completo  (2015)

Completo and Lizardo deliver milk around the village. Tired of his employee giving free milk to the girl he likes, Lizardo offers Completo a reward so he can ask her out on Sunday, only if makes his most difficult client to pay what he owes. Completo accepts the deal happily but he won’t imagine that it will get him involved in a violent pay back.


Director: Iván D Gaona

Country: Colombia

TIME+PLACE: 6/16 - 6pm - King Juan Carlos I Center

Cuatro Puertas  (2015)

As part of a filmmaking challenge, this short was entirely made in 24 hours, from the first letter of the screenplay to the final cut. However, due to Cuba's extremely slow connectivity, uploading it to the Internet took us much longer. Accessing Internet is very difficult on our little island. Only a privileged minority has

email accounts or access to a limited number of websites. Ernesto is about to be one of the privileged on

Director: Juan Pablo Daranas Molina

Country: Cuba

TIME+PLACE: 6/13 - 6pm - Time Warner Theater

Hombre eléctrico (2016)

In a deserted town, where mirages seem to come alive, Gaston and his mother Fresia, live. Lonely characters within a community that looks like it's out of time, liable to the memories of a forgotten past, where voices, sounds and gestures reveal the magic of a nostalgic world, that opens at the turn of a bicycle's wheels

Director: Álvaro Muñoz

Country: Chile

TIME+PLACE: 6/10 - 6pm -  Instituto Cervantes

Lamento de Regine (2015)

Regine's obsession for Armand, a TV celebrity, leads her to search for him inside the TV set. She will have to

live with the consequences of entering a world in which she doesn't belong.

Director: Arturo Martinelli

Country: Mexico

TIME+PLACE: 6/14 - 1pm - CWE Auditorium

Por Delante  (2015)

What do you need to feel alive? Live in the happiest country in the world? Done. Have an impressive house? Done. Drive an awesome car? Done. Be able to enjoy nature? Done. Drink the best coffee? Done. Have to latest cell phone? Done. A good job? Money? Success? Fame? Power? Done. you feel alive?

Director: Jorge M. Rodrigo

Country: Costa Rica

TIME+PLACE: 6/11 - 2pm - CWE Auditorium

Maria Bonita (2016)

The Mexican diva of cinema, María Felix, age 80, is staying as a guest at the home of a family in Veracruz.There she meets the daughter of the owners, Agatha, age 16, who wants to know what does the actress do to be so beautiful at her age. They become friends, live adventures and María reveals her secrets.

Director: Amanda De La Rosa

Country: Mexico

TIME+PLACE: 6/16 - 12pm - CWE Auditorium

Phosphenes (2015)

A famous plastic artist, is uninspired, amid an existential crisis. Through a journey inside of him, he will envolve in a parallel world full of art, imagination and sensuality, to finally achieve a new work of art or just an illusion.

Director: Frida Harari Sitton

Country: Mexico

TIME+PLACE: 6/11 - 2pm - CWE Auditorium

(Little) Red Riding Hood (2015)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, the most beautiful little girl one could ever see, who lived in a town near the forest and everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood. As she was going to visit her grandmother who was hill, dawdling along in the woods. What happened next? Nothing you've ever heard before.


Director: Stephane Guenin 

Country: United States

TIME+PLACE: 6/11 - 2pm - CWE Auditorium

Uncanny Valley (2015)

In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away.


Director: Federico Heller

Country: Argentina

TIME+PLACE: 6/15 - 5:30pm - Argentinian General Consulate

Sirenas (2014)

Little Clara and Zoe are sisters who live with their mother Felicia in an old wooden house. After finding an invasion of ants in the girls’ closet, they call a fumigator to the house. Realizing the increasing attraction between her mother and the fumigator, Zoe tries to get this man away from their lives, making little Clara believe that he wants to turn their mother into a mermaid.

Director: Maryulis Alfonso

Country: Cuba

TIME+PLACE: 6/16 - 6pm - King Juan Carlos I Center

La Novia de Frankenstein (2015)

Ivana spends her summer in Buenos Aires working for an agency that rents apartments to foreigners. She welcomes the tenants, translates Spanish to English and exchanges dollars for pesos. However, she is ambiguous and formulates a world around her in which reality and fiction, love and affairs become indistinct.


Director: Francisco Lezama & Agostina Gálvez

Country: Argentina

TIME+PLACE: 6/10 -  6pm - Instituto Cervantes

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