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Brasileiras (2015)

Brasileiras is a short 2D animation that highlights the diversity and cultural roles of Brazilian women. Its meant to break down stereotypes by choreographing daily activities as new forms. The dance represents and explores, in an elegant and delicate way, what makes women powerful and strong

Director: Anna Carolina Moraes

Country: Brazil

TIME+PLACE: 6/10 -  6pm - Instituto Cervantes

Castillo y el Armado (2015)

Castillo is a young dockworker who lives in the coast between Brazil and Uruguay. On a windy night he faces his own brutality on the line of the fishhook.

Director: Pedro Harres 

Country: Brazil

TIME+PLACE: 6/15 - 5:30pm - Argentinian General Consulate

Humanexus (2014)

The human race has long searched for meaningful interpersonal connections. Tools and technologies have made it easier to reach out and share ideas but each presents a new unforeseen challenge. We must always ask: "Is this what we want? What do we want.

Director: Yin-Fang Shen

Country: USA

TIME+PLACE: 6/13 - 6pm - Time Warner Theater

El Jardin de las Delicias (2015)

In the garden of delights, a visitor from the underworld finds that color and madness are the ingredients to create a new universe.

Director: Alejandro "Male" Garcia Caballero

Country: Mexico

TIME+PLACE: 6/15 - 5:30pm - Argentinian General Consulate

La Ballerine (2015)

La Ballerine is an animated short that tells the story of two souls that by chance got together. The story is inspired by an urban legend of a ghost sighting at the Elizabeth Theater in New Jersey.

Director: Miguel Rueda

Country: USA

TIME+PLACE: 6/13 - 6pm - Time Warner Theater

The Pig (2015)

The pig is everything.




Director: Steven Subotnik

Country: USA

TIME+PLACE: 6/10 - 6pm - Instituto Cervantes

Scent of Love (2015)

A 3D animation that includes 2D backgrounds. It’s about a female gorilla who falls in love with a male hunter under the influence of a spray pheromone. However, the hunter falls into his own trap in the end.


Director: ChengCheng Feng

Country: USA

TIME+PLACE: 6/11 - 2pm - CWE Auditorium

Stock! (2015)

A strange story of a deal, art, money, market and madness



Director: Walter Hoyos

Country: Argentina

TIME+PLACE: 6/11 - 2pm - CWE Auditorium

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