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Cien Años Mas Viejo (2015)

Irene has 86, Andrés 88 They've been together 66 years and 13 children there. A touching love story that wants to be told but Irene does not remember the day or the date that Andrés proposed to unite their lives, she remembers nothing.


Director: John Chaparro

Country: Colombia

TIME+PLACE: 6/09 - 2pm - Instituto Cervantes

Tarapoto Yurimaguas Lagunas (2015)

La amazonía peruana alberga una de las mayores biodiversidades del planeta. Así de diversas son también las personas que la habitan. 


Director: Ignacio Ceroi

Country: Argentina

TIME+PLACE: 6/14 - 1pm - CWE Auditorium

Izabel y el Agua (2015)

5 months after the floods in the Bañado Sur slum of Asuncion Paraguay Izabel go to check her house



Director: Andrea Ruffini

Country: Paraguay

TIME+PLACE: 6/11 - 2pm - CWE Auditorium

Mama Please Forgive Me (2015)

Intimate short documentary filmed in New York. The author collects testimonies from a young man who has trouble coping with life. Its a war. Theres a war in my mind and I wouldn't want anyone to go through that.

Director: Ibai Vigil-Escalera

Country: USA

TIME+PLACE: 6/16 - 12pm - CWE Auditorium

Monito (2015)

"The sun is blonde, white like my hair!" With this phrase Carlitos describes himself, a 5 year old albino boy. This film explores a day in his life.



Director: Carolina Vásquez Trianna

Country: Colombia

TIME+PLACE: 6/13 - 6pm - Time Warner Theater

Nat Alie (2015)

Alie is an art student who explores her body through her works of art. Her gender, male or female, doesn't matter. In an art performance, she will demonstrate that her identity is not defined by a gender binary. She is not on one path or the other, black or white, she lives her life in between, through shades of grey.  


Director: María Camila Lozano Tascón

Country: Colombia

TIME+PLACE: 6/11 - 2pm - CWE Auditorium

Romelia (2015)

The commune 18 is a sector with abundant figures of poverty and forget by part of the state, is then where is born Romelia, one an inhabitant of the slope that shows us a life invaded by the solitude, the poverty and the nostalgia.


Director: Cristian Rincon Restrepo

Country: Colombia

DATE + PLACE: 6/10 - 6pm - Instituto Cervantes

Soy La Villa (2015)

Melvin is visually impaired and lives in Villa de Los Santos, Panama. He is a guardian of this regions culture

through his love for folk music. Along with Milagros, a young musician and also visually impaired, they keep

the magic of their culture with vitality and joy, facing Panama's social changes that threaten the survival of its folklore.

Director: Giovanna Giovanini

Country: Brazil/Panama

TIME+PLACE: 6/14 - 1pm - CWE Auditorium

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