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Despedida (2015)

Después de 20 años lejos de su país natal, Viktor Gourianov reflexiona sobre su pasado y presente.



Director: Pablo Paniagua

Country: Argentina / Bolivia

TIME+PLACE: 6/15 - 5:30pm - Argentinian General Consulate

Delivery (2015)

Interlacing elements of time and space, producing an experimental dialogue between images and sounds

starting from the nature - and through it - "Delivery" is oriented by the gesture, using different angles of the same spot (an environmental reserve)


Director: Khalil Charif

Country: Brazil

TIME+PLACE: 6/13 - 6pm - Time Warner Theater

In The Waves (2015)

A tie-dye fabric animation that narrates the beginning of life through a microscope perspective.


Director: Ying-Fang Shen

Country: USA

TIME+PLACE: 6/14 - 1pm - CWE Auditorium

Moth Vitals (2015)

Two extraordinary cases seen by Dr. Peter Belinsky, RI

Department of Environmental Management State Veterinarian. His reflections on the requests made by long time clients who share an extraordinary reverence for life ask all of us to make no distinction between higher and lower organisms; to extend our circle of compassion to all living things and to embrace the mystery that is life.

Director: Nancy Wyllie

Country: USA

TIME+PLACE: 6/11 - 2pm - CWE Auditorium

Lanz's Notebook (2015)

Un inmigrante español muere en 1931 en Alpachiri, La Pampa. Las anotaciones comerciales de un cuaderno encontrado ochenta años después intentan echar luz sobre sus últimos años.


Director: Mariano Marcucci

Country: Argentina

TIME+PLACE: 6/16 - 6pm - King Juan Carlos I Center

Rutina de un Sueño (2015)

As a memory remains in our memory forever, this is the memory of a father. Not a very good father, that makes every night a recurring nightmare for Jessica, much like his shadow, who constantly follows Jessica.


Director: Miguel Potes

Country: Colombia

TIME+PLACE: 6/14 - 1pm - CWE Auditorium

Sawakuy Urubamba (2015)

A wedding in Urubamba, Peru between two natives. 



Director: Francisco Javier Montoro Moralez

Country: Peru

TIME+PLACE: 6/16 - 12pm - CWE Auditorium

La Grosse Classe (2015)

Strung in rows as columns, students recite and move to the rhythm of the teacher, manipulated by a highly placed. Parachuted into a world where the difference can not existed, Logan assimilated or he will keep he let his identity?


Director: Marie-Lou Béland

Country: Canada

TIME+PLACE: 6/10 - 6pm - Instituto Cervantes

Wildwood (2014)

Wildwood takes an intimate look at the imaginative play of a pack of young girls: playing circle games playing

house playing trolls and nymphs in a summer forest. By flashing back to archival photos of girls in turn-of-the-century summer camps Wildwood both evokes the past and riffs on the eternal pleasures of long

days lost in nature.

Director: Marta Renzi

Country: USA

TIME+PLACE: 6/16 - 12pm - CWE Auditorium

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