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ANORMAL (2017)

What has us worried today? What would we care about if we were a child without even shoes on the streets of St. Louis? "AnorMal" is a sample of a journey into poverty, contained in light and sounds, that makes it possible to feel a bit of a reality that has very little do with our own. 

Director: Luis Galán

Country: Colombia/Senegal/Spain

TIME+PLACE: Sat, June 10 @ 3PM: CWE Auditorium

EL BUZO (2015)

THE DIVER (2015)

"I have been scuba diving at sea with my kids, I like it, but I prefer it here. This is my own space, where I can do something for the good of others."

Julio Cesar Cu Camara

Director: Esteban Arrangoiz

Country: Mexico

TIME+PLACE: Tues, June 13 @ 2PM: CWE Auditorium

CLUBMAN 13.3.13 (2016)

Every day for over 60 years Mr. Antonio Navedo has arrived bright and early to the store located on Ponce de León Ave in Santurce, Puerto Rico. The history of the city and of Puerto Rico has passed through his shop windows, through the eyes and hands of Navedo. "Clubman 13.3.13 is a lesson in constance, humility, and self-improvement; a lesson of love for work and respect, of finding your place in life and living accordingly.

Director: Lucia Castellano & Ines Mongil

Country: Puerto Rico / Spain

TIME+PLACE: Thurs, June 15 @ 2PM: CWE Auditorium



The Fourth Kingdom is the kingdom of plastics, a redemption center in NY for immigrants and underdogs where the American Dream becomes a possibility. Through the stories of Mexican immigrant Rene, African-American Pier, disabled Eugene and the mysterious Walter from El Salvador we revisit this particular planet and their inner worlds.

Director: Adan Aliaga & Alex Lora

Country: Spain / USA

TIME+PLACE: Thurs, June 15 @ 6PM: NYU's King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center


POOR N***** F***** (2016)

Nei D'Ogum is African religion, sex, and "negritude." He is love and contradiction. He is a fighter for the civil rights of black people, gay people, and trans people. He is the very cause itself. He describes himself as: "Poor, n******, f*****."

Director: Diego Tafarel

Country: Brazil

TIME+PLACE: Tues, June 13 @ 6PM: Instituto Cervantes



Bojayá is a black and indigenous community in the Chocó jungle where 119 civilians were killed seeking refuge in the local church. Last year Colombia voted NO to an already signed peace deal while regions that lived the war first-hand voted YES. This documentary is a first-hand vision from Bojayá daily life from the eyes of a survivor of the massacre.

Director: Edison Sanchez Castro

Country: Colombia

TIME+PLACE: Sat, June 10 @ 3PM: CWE Auditorium



This documentary is a journey into the profound Peruvian jungle and the world of the Shipibo Nation. Grandmother Alejandrina shows us her physical, spiritual, and sacred relationship with the jungle; talks of the changes in her culture, the disappearance of her daughter, two decades of terrorists and drug traffickers, and the threat of informal timber and mining companies. 

Director: Roger Neyra

Country: Peru

TIME+PLACE: Tues, June 13 @ 6PM: Instituto Cervantes

SOME OF US (2016)

A poetic reflection about Persian refugees and immigrants who are living in the US nowadays, "Some of US" shows a touch of the powerful Persian culture. The narrative is built upon a native Persian's perspective and talks about the delicate and painful feeling beneath a foreign look on the country left behind. 

Director: Di Fiorati

Country: USA

TIME+PLACE: Wed, June 14 @ 5PM: Consulate General of Argentina in NY

SOLARI (2015)

Aristóteles Onassis, Rafaela Carrá, Cantiflas, Celia Cruz, John Wayne, Chabuca Granda, and Armando Manzanero were just some of the people who enjoyed the dishes of ceviche master Pedro Solari. Autodidact and inventor of modern ceviche, Solari started cooking at 12. Even at 93, he continues to serve the public at his restaurant in Lima. 

Director: Sergio Garcia Locatelli

Country: Peru

TIME+PLACE: Mon, June 12 @ 6PM: City College, Aaron Davis Hall



The final days of the mythical rental house "Mondo Macabro," located on Corrientes Ave in the heart of Buenos Aires. Specializing in authors and bizarro films, Mondo Macabro was a symbol of underground culture in Buenos Aires for over 20 years.

Director: Dolores Montaño & Mariano Juarez

Country: Argentina

TIME+PLACE: Wed, June 14 @ 5PM: Consulate General of Argentina in NY

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