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Short Films



The presence of the moon affects all under its glow. The film explores the lunar cycle and the energies invoked by its radiance. Based on the motifs of the fairy tale "The Witcher" by Aleksey Tolstoy.

Director: Yulia Ruditskaya

Country: USA / Belarus / Germany

TIME+PLACE: Mon, June 12 @ 6PM: City College, Aaron Davis Hall



In the middle of a war, a boy and a dog try to protect themselves. This game is anything but innocent. 

Director: Walter Tournier

Country: Uruguay

TIME+PLACE: Fri, June 9 @ 6PM: Instituto Cervantes


THE SWING (2016)

An animated tale where life, time, nature, and freedom are intertwined. Hold on because this will be the trip of a lifetime!

Director: George Rojas

Country: Venezuela

TIME+PLACE: Wed, June 14 @ 5PM: Consulate General of Argentina in NY

CORP. (2016)

Ambition, labor exploitation, environmental pollution, human degradation, capital gain and much more in the fantastic world of the free market! 

Director: Pablo Polledri

Country: Argentina

TIME+PLACE: Thurs, June 15 @ 6PM: CWE Auditorium

MOMO (2016)

Momo is a cat who has only known how to bring trouble for his owner. Momo's owner, Billy, yearns for a normal cat but receives only angst and stress for his efforts. After a string of pranks Billy has had enough and takes action against his pet.

Director: Damian Yapura

Country: Argentina

TIME+PLACE: Wed, June 14 @ 5PM: Consulate General of Argentina in NY



Pedro, a bird who cannot fly in sync with his flock, decides to branch out on his own. After plummeting to a beach, Francisco, the friendly sea turtle, will teach him to connect with rhythm and harmony.

Director: Gildardo Santoyo

Country: Mexico

TIME+PLACE: Tues, June 13 @ 2PM: CWE Auditorium

"RISE" - NUF SAID (2016)

Iona, the protagonist of this story, goes on a road trip. In the city, she will find unusual characters. One of them is her favorite singer with whom she shares an adventure with an unexpected ending.

Director: Miguel Rueda

Country: USA

TIME+PLACE: Thurs, June 15 @ 6PM: NYU's King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center



The dramatic conclusion of the clash between a bull and a bullfighter.

Director: Christian Arredondo Narváez

Country: Mexico

TIME+PLACE: Sat, June 10 @ 3PM: CWE Auditorium

VICENTA (2014)

A woman from the countryside migrates from Bolivia to Chile where she washes clothes to earn a living. She faces poverty y herself while becoming a single mother. Years later, during Pinochet's military dictatorship, her elder son is detained and held as a political prisoner. 

Director: Carla Valencia

Country: Ecuador

TIME+PLACE: Sat, June 10 @ 3PM: CWE Auditorium

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