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JUNE 07, 2018. 6:30 PM. By invitation only


Instituto Cervantes New York

211 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017

(212) 308-7720


DIRECTOR: Jon Garaño & Aitor Arregi

PRODUCERS:  Iñaki Gomez, Iñigo Obes, Xabier Berzosa

CAST:   Eneko Sagardoy, Joseba Usabiaga, Iñigo Aramburu, Iñigo Azpitarte, Ramón Agirre & Aia Kruse 

Date completed: 2017

Country: Spain 

Film Category: Drama, History

Length of Film: 114 min


Basque Country 1843. When a young, crippled and defeated Martin returns home from the war, he cannot believe what he sees. His dear brother Joaquin has turned into an actual giant, as useless as him for the work concerning the family’s hamlet.

With the objective of keeping the family afloat, the two will embark on a breathtaking adventure, turning the Altzo Giant into a circus event, performing on squares, theaters and major European courts.

However, soon they will learn that the entertainment industry is full of challenges, lies and betrayals. A world where, the higher you grow the harder you fall.


What would you do if at age 20 you discover that you haven’t stopped growing and that you might never will? How would you and the ones closest to you handle this phenomenon? What if what makes you strange and anguishes you is also the only thing that can help your family fnancially? How much of yourself would you be willing to sacrifce?

This is the thread that drives this flm, how two brothers managed to transform a disease into a business opportunity and a mean to support their family and how much they had to sacrifce on a personal level in order to do so

Aundiya, based on true events, tells the story of one of the greatest myths in Basque history: Miguel Joaquin, the Giant of Altzo. This country man was born in 1819 and his personal odyssey coincided with turbulent years that would represent a before and after in the history of the Basque Country.

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