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JUNE 23, 2022. 6:30 PM. 
Reception to follow.


Consulate General of Colombia in NY

10 E 46 St, New York, NY 10017

(212) 798-9000


ORIGINAL TITLE: Si Dios Fuera Una Mujer

DIRECTOR: Angélica Cervera Aguirre

PRODUCER: Alexander Arbelaez

Date completed: 2021

Country: Colombia

Film Category: Documentary

Length of Film: 70 min

si dios fuera mujer 2.tiff

Laura has been living with her parents for nine years in L’Alfaz del Pi, a small town in the Valencia community, in Spain. She likes to sing and is a fan of Arianna Grande. Three years ago she began her transition in order to transform into the girl she is now. Despite the difficulties she faced; her family, friends and schoolmates support her and are in line with her desire. Now her dream is to have her first communion. Driven by her daughter’s longing, Adriana, Laura's mother, starts to organize the preparations for the big day, without having any certainty of whether the church will grant Laura her wish. Oscar, Laura’s father, tries to adapt to the situation; yet, he is nostalgic and has memories of that boy who is no longer there, whom he misses and whom he thought was happy. Laura is about to face her adolescence, and with it, a series of changes that will mean a new chapter for her and her family, alongside the uncertainty and fear that each decision they make can be definitive.

Angelica Cervera15.jpeg

Angélica Cervera Aguirre is a journalist and graduate from the University of Antioquia (2010). Among the documentaries she has directed for Telemedellín are Fuego de gaita (2009), El café, una historia de vida (2007) Madres de la candelaria (2006) and 'De par en par', unconventional houses in Medellín (2006) . She is a chronicle writer, reporter and producer of special transmedia for the Casa Editorial El Tiempo (2009 - 2014). Since 2015 she has been leading cultural management projects in Latin America.

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