What We Have Inherited


King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center

53 Washington Square S, New York, NY 10012

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King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center
JUNE 15, 2017 7:00 PM



TITLE: What We Have Inherited / Esto que hemos heredado
DIRECTOR: Paul Fasel & Mona Herbe  


Date completed: 2016

Country: Colombia

Film Category: Documentary

Length of Film: 50 min











A journey through Colombia in search for heritage and tradition. A documentary about the people who protect, preserve and cultivate the best of our identity. Honest and critical views from the voices and masters of the rural world who with their words, their work and their artistic interpretations reflect on what has been extinguished and what we have left.


Paul Fasel is a director, musician and sound designer. As a documentary director, his work is based on documentation and research in art and culture, mixing languages with documentary and experimental video.

Mona Herbe is a visual artist. Her work mixes photography, cinematography, art and design. Her documentary work emphasizes the concept of identity, both individual and collective as it defines a vital and existential posture.