Sonó Sonó - Tite Curet 

JUNE 3, 2014


CWE Auditorium
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Original Title: SONÓ“, SONÓ“, TITE CURET
Directors: Gabriel Cross, Israel Lugo
Date completed: 2011
Country: Puerto Rico


Film Category: Documentary
Length of Film: 85 minutes
N. Y. Premiere / Estreno en N. Y.


This  film is a recount of Tite Curet´s life through his musical compositions and conversations with important singers and musicians whose careers were impacted by the late composer. Directors Gabriel Cross and Israel Lugo revisit important places in the life of Tite, featuring spectacular landscapes in Puerto Rico, Venezuela and New York, where some of the world´s most recognized salsa musicians gathered. The film features contemporary interpretations of Tite´s hits by some of the best interpreters in the musical genre of salsa, bomba, plena and reggaeton such as Calle 13, Rubén Blades, Andy Montañez, Cheo Feliciano, Jerry Medina with Roberto Roena, Apollo Sound, Tego Calderón, Yuba Iré, Cultura Profética, Michael Stuart, Viento de Agua, Lalo Rodríguez with Truco and Zaperoko. 


Gabriel Coss  is a Puerto Rican director and editor with experience in documentaries, fiction, music videos, advertisement. He also makes collaborations on theatre and dance, and participates in community workshops as videographer. Currently, he is an active member of the multimedia collective Rojo Chiringa, but also works as an independent editor. Some of his works are: Aljuriya; Eco; Hobos Bay Reserve; Atrévete; La Perla. Finalist in the Environmental Film Festival of the Wild Life and Wilderness Foundation (Panda Awards); Won Best National Documentary at the 2005 San Juan Cinemafest; Honorable Mention at the 2005 Three Continents Documentary Festival in Venezuela; nominated for best Foreign Video in the Music Video Awards (Canada); he won two Emmys and the Latino Grammy for best music short video twice.    

Israel Lugo: Director and Actor of Theatre and Film. He has worked as Director and Assistant Director with some of the best known film companies in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. He has also worked in the screenwriting process for films such as Maldeamores. He also has acted in films such as The Apostate (HBO films), El Cuerpo del Delito, directed by Raul Marchand in 2004, and receiving excellent critics. In 2006, Israel demonstrated his resourcefulness as an actor in the protagonic role of Pedro Adorno's y Emilio Rodriguez's film, El Clown which debuted at the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival. In 2007, Israel acted together with Benicio del Toro in Steven Sodemberg's film, The Argentine. Some of his works are: Eco; Sonó, Sonó, Tite Curet; Atrévete; La Perla. Currently he is an active member of the multimedia collective Rojo Chiringa. Nominated for best music video MTV Latino Music Awards; nominated for best Foreign Video in the Music Video Awards (Canada); Won the Latino Grammy for best music short video twice.


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