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June 4, 2:30pm


CWE Auditorium
Division of Interdisciplinary Studies Auditorium
The City College of New York
25 Broadway, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Venezuela | Daniel Ruiz-Heck | 10min

Impatience, and rage are just some of the few feelings that drivers in Caracas experience as they try and beat the rising use of vehicles while on a motorcycle. 

Studied law in Caracas, but since the end of his career he has held various offices in the production. He began directing Student Short Film Festival Viart, passing trough the National Cinemateque of Venezuela as a Program coordinator, until 2009 when he founded his own production company: Bajo La Manga Lab. In 2011 he won CNACs fund for his first documentary short "Caracas en Moto"¨ and as a producer the short film "Caja de Fosforos" by Juan Fermin, the animated short "Dalton" by Luis Miguel Ruibal and "Abuela Kueka Regresa", long documentary by Blanca Nunez.

USA | Madeline Herec Poirier | 9.05min


A family recipe becomes a window to the past in Crazy: A Story About Cake (and Other Things). Crazy cake, an unusual cake made with no eggs and vinegar, reminds a South Carolina family of a beloved matriarch they have lost. The recipe becomes not only a family favorite, but a symbol of love, and the link between the past and future, what might have been and what was


Madeline Herec Poirier is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, freelance editor, and founder of The American Recipe Project ( which looks at American history and food culture through family recipes. She is a graduate of Emerson College's M.F.A. Program where she won the Graduate Program Award for her work. She is also a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a concentration in Voice. In her free time she enjoys cooking, photography and traveling.

Peru | Diana Daf- Collazos - Nathalie Tolentino - Antolin Prieto - Docuperu | 11.44min

Edificio Central is a building and a memory. There, the hallways can be playgrounds, a wall a song, and a fence an opportunity to fall in love. A woman walks through the halls to retrieve her memories.


Diana Daf-Collazos is a multi-disciplinary artist and independent cultural manager. Her work centers around the action art, urban intervention, video and installation. Since 2005 she has exhibited her work in various cultural spaces in different cities of Peru such as Lima, Huaraz, Arequipa and Cuzco; and abroad as Chile, United States, Brazil and Germany. She is currently manager of elgalpon.espacio cultural association.

Argentina | Gonzalo Gerardin / María Paula Trocchia | 13.03min


Everyone stands alone at the heart of the world pierced by a ray of sunshine, and suddenly night falls.


Gonzalo Gerardin (1976) attended Image & Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires. Marí­a Paula Trocchia (1977) graduated from the National Institute of Cinema and Audio-Visual Arts as a screenwriter. Together, they created Angelita Cine, the production company through which they have developed their most personal projects over the last years.


El Salvador | Pilar Coloma | 8min


Jocelyn dreams of a better life in the United States, but a journey, marked by the deceitfulness of the Coyote, convinces her that in her own country she may also succeed. Awards: Best Animation- Icaro Film Festival, Guatemala.


Pilar Coloma is Salvadoran - Spanish. She born in 1970. She studied a Major in Communications and Journalism in the Jesuit university of El Salvador, in addition to a speciality in production of educational videos in CETE, Mexico; and a speciality in Post- production of the CCC, Mexico.
With over 15 years of experience directing, producing and postproducing documentaries, institucional and social videos and some shorts, both in Guatemala and in El Salvador. It is a professor of workshops and video production, it is part of the founding team of ASCINE (Salvadoran Film and TV Association) and owner of the production company Holón Films.



USA | Amy Epstein | 2.30min


A 13 year old boy expresses his thoughts about writing


Amy Epstein - First short film "I've Got You Babe" played at New Directors New Films at Museum of Modern Art and sold to Sundance Channel. She is a writer/director based
in New York. 

USA - Austria | Susanne Dollnig | 14min


A young Austrian filmmaker brings her traditional cafe table and offers a cup of coffee and a conversation to people in New York. Given this odd opportunity from a complete stranger, the results are unexpected, and both parties find themselves enjoying much more than a brew of authenticity. As it turns out, ordinary people have extraordinary tales to tell when the space and safety is provided. In the short time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, strangers display brave acts of vulnerability in speaking of their past, present and future. All you have to do is listen.


Susanne Dollnig is a documentary filmmaker from Salzburg, Austria. She attended the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, where she received her Bachelor´s Degree in Digital Television. She is a recent graduate of the Documentary Filmmaking Program at the New York Film Academy currently living and working as a filmmaker and editor in New York City.

New York. 

USA | Edda Manriquez | 15min

This investigative documentary follows the filmmaker, Edda Manriquez, as she questions the silence behind the mysterious death of her father in 1989. Using her father´s last possessions as clues, the filmmaker embarks on a journey towards uncovering and retracing his final days and the impact his death left on the family. 


Edda Manriquez, graduated from CalArts in May 2014 with an MFA in Film and Video. Her art reflects the anxieties spread across her lifetime and her subconscious refusal to eliminate and face these fears. Edda is a community activist and has devoted her art form towards assisting others, specifically under represented youth communities in the Southern California region. She has worked with AmeriCorps, AltaMed, Youth Policy Institute, and other non-profits.

ew York. 

USA | Valerio Ciriaci | 14.16min


Italian immigrant Tony Maiorino, a neighborhood barber in the Bronx's Little Italy, has a passion for singing the songs of the old country. The film follows Tony's journey to the stage of the Feast of Saint Anthony, portraying a community's search for solidarity within its traditions and its nostalgia for a landscape left behind.


Valerio Ciriaci is a Brooklyn based documentary filmmaker. Cofounder at Awen Films, he directed two short documentaries, "Melodico" and "Treasure - The Story of Marcus Hook", and the TV-Series "Short Italian Tales" airing on i-Italy NY. Currently, Ciriaci is working on his first feature film "If Only I Were That Warrior", focusing on the Italian occupation of Ethiopia in 1935.

New York. 

USA | Kayoko Nakamura / Christopher Nostrand | 5.05min


"Silent Exposure" is a personal story about a son of a Vietnam veteran, the filmmaker himself Chris Nostrand. Chris was fifteen years old when his father Alfred Nostrand suddenly passed away from liver cancer. Now, eight years later Chris begins his journey for answers as he traces back to correlate his father´s death to the toxic herbicide used to defoliate jungles during the Vietnam War, Agent Orange. During his journey, Chris meets with professionals and family members to unravel new findings about his father´s story and uncover shocking facts about overall exposure in Vietnam.


Kayoko Nakamura is an award-winning filmmaker. Her films as director were awarded Cine Golden Eagle Award and Asian American film festival. Other films as cinematographer have screened at Black Maria Film Festival, Mosaic Film 

New York. 

Brazil |  Carolina Caffé & Florence Rodrigues | 8min


When poor families in the cities of Brazil are compulsorily removed and their homes demolished for the construction of boulevards and trades for the World Cup, it's time to pause to reflect on the political and economic interests behind the games and violated on Human rights.
The documentary approaches the transformations and social impacts of producing mega events like the World Cup and Olympics in Brazil and worldwide. 
Experts and residents assess the current model of urbanization of Brazilian cities and the role of mega-events in the world, plus describe situations of violence in removal proceedings.


Carolina Caffé - Social scientist and filmmaker. Degree in Social Sciences and formed into film by New York Film Academy - New York and the Observatory del Cine - Buenos Aires. Also director of the film The Art and Street (2011 ) and L do Leste (2010 ) , and author of L do Leste book (2013 ) 
Florence Rodrigues - Social scientist and filmmaker. Degree in Social Sciences and formed into film by The Centre del Cine - Barcelona. Both are founding partner of Primavera Digital producer company.

New York. 

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