JUNE 24, 2015. 6:00 PM.


Fiterman Hall BMCC

81 Barclay Street, 13th Floor

New York, NY 10007





DIRECTORS: Juan Carlos Alom, Armando Suárez Cobián, and Ismael de Diego.


Date completed: 2013

Country: USA

Film Category: Documentary

Length of Film: 25 min










‘No Limits’ is a documentary based on the sculpture project of the Cuban artistAlexandre Arrechea, winner of the Fund for Park Avenue Award in 2013. This film, that examines the relationship between architecture and power, covers the entire process of fabrication and installation of these monumental sculptures that reference 10 of New York City’s most iconic buildings.


Juan Carlos Alom (La Habana, 1964) was included in year 2000 in a list of the most relevant Latin American photographers of the millennium by Times magazine. He actively works in experimental photography as well as film and video. He is the director of the documentary Habana Solo (2000) and his last exhibition “Algo que punza”  (2014) was in PuNcTuM space in Mexico City. His artwork is part of several museums and public collections.


Armando Suárez Cobián (Antilla, Cuba). His poems (since ‘Corre ve y dile’, 1985, to ‘Nueva York no eres tú’, published in Havana in 2013), have been included in anthologies and magazines in several countries. In 2013 he directed the documentary ‘No Limits’ with Juan Carlos Alom and Ismael de Diego, based on the Art Project with the same title by Alexandre Arrechea. He has worked on the film projects: ‘Before Night Falls’ (Julian Schnabel), and ‘Che’ (Steven Soderberg).  He lives in Brooklyn, where he is working on a novel about New York and on the poetry book, ‘La muerte y sus ojos’.


Ismael de Diego (1978) is an editor and actor, known for Dominó, dominó (2003), High Tech (2007) and Dos miradas (2004), in Habana Blues (2004)