JUNE 23, 2015. 7:30 PM.


Instituto Cervantes New York

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DIRECTOR: Javier Corcuera

PRODUCERS:  Rolando Toledo and Gervasio Iglesias.

CAST: Jamie Guardia, Maximo Damian, Raul Garcia Zarte, Juan Anres "Chimango" Lares, and Felix Quispe "Duco".

Date completed: 2013

Country: Peru, Spain

Film Category: Documentary

Length of Film: 110 min










Kachkaniraqmi is a common term in Quechua Chanka which is hugely expressive when someone wants to state that, they are still alive, they continue existing.
This film is a spectacular musical travel around the most unknown and remote Peru through the three great scenes that Peru is composed: Ayacucho (Andean zone), the Amazonia (jungle) and the Coast (Lima, the city). Their people still singing in their mother tongues, they’ve kept their unique way of play the guitar, the violin, the harp, the box drum, and a special way to tell the stories, to tell who they are. We´ve arrived to places where any camera has arrived yet. And we’ve registered incredible sounds and musicians from Andean and the Jungle that they have never recorded before. But “I still being” is so much. This is a story about characters and about a hidden country that fight to re-encounter to itself.


Among the films made by Javier Corcuera is "La espalda del Mundo" (2000), including three stories about human rights violations in the USA, Turkey and Peru, winner of the international critics' Special Mention in San Sebastian, "Invierno en Bagdad" (2005), shot during the North American occupation in Iraq, winner of an award at the Malaga Festival and of the Best Documentary Film Award at the Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival (2005), "La guerrilla de la memoria" (2002), a film portraying the forgotten part of Spain's history, and Invisibles (2007), an anthology film produced by Javier Bardem which won the Goya for Best Documentary.