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DIRECTORS: Hernán Findling, Oliver Kolker

PRODUCERS: Oren Dobronsky, Hernan Findling, Oliver Kolker, Richard Owens, and Siegfried Peer.   

CAST: Héctor Alterio, Esteban Bortnik, and Carlos Copello.

Date completed: 2014

Country: Argentina

Film Category: Fiction

Length of Film: 117 min




Fermin is set primarily in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fermin Tundera (Hector Alterio) is an 85 year-old patient at a typical "third-world" public hospital being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. It has been decades since Fermin was committed to the institution yet his condition has not improved. Ezequiel Kaufman (Gaston Pauls) is a 33 year-old psychiatrist who comes on the scene to treat the difficult patient and discovers that he is only able to communicate by using the cryptic lyrics of Tango, a peculiar characteristic indeed. Fermin's condition steadily improves as we ultimately learn the reason for his peculiar illness.


Hernán Findling is a producer and director, known for Fermín Glories of Tango (2014), Director's Cut (2006) and Breaking Nikki (2009).

Oliver Kolker, Actor and Tango dancer, who since the age of three, grew up in Argentina, is actually a native born New Yorker. As an Actor Oliver started studying Drama in Argentina in 1994, under the instruction of Julio Chavez, Dario Levy, Joy Morris and Luis Indio Romero. Protagonizing several comercials and feature movies. In 2008 Oliver played the main part in his 4th Movie “Breaking Nikki”, film that was selected to participate at the Phoenix Film Festival 2009. Oliver began dancing Tango in 1997, when he felt he was growing apart from a former girl friend. Very much inspired by his grandmother Beatriz, an amateur Tango Lover and in house Singer, Oliver filled that the tango embodied romance, contact and dialogue.