JUNE 24, 2015. 12:00 PM.


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DIRECTOR: Carolina Azzi and Pablo Racioppi.

PRODUCERS: Carolina Azzi and Pablo Racioppi.

CAST: Antonio Cafiero, Víctor Hugo Morales, Beatriz Sarlo, Fernando Savateruan, and José Sebreli.

Date completed: 2013

Country: Argentina

Film Category: Documentary

Length of Film: 102 min










A powerful Argentine political film stands on the figure of an outsider intellectual, Sebreli, but manages to transcend it, he becomes a touchstone to go through Argentina and its dilemmas, through this country that is proud of almost everything it should be ashamed of. From national icons like Gardel, Evita, Che, and Maradona the film dialogs with recent Argentine history and it does so with extraordinary energy, supported by a rarely seen use of all kinds of archive material in an almost Dionysian state of sampleadelia. The film arrives to a surprising reflection on nationalism, demagogic governments and delusions of unanimity; problems that are common to emerging societies that cannot find their ways to a freer and more egalitarian society.


lina Azzi was born in Buenos Aires in 1977. She studied Cinematography and Direction in the Universidad del Cine (FUC) where she obtained a degree in Filmmaking. During her university years she wrote and directed several short movies. At 2012 her thesis “Remarriage comedy in Argentine cinema” won the Domingo di Núbila Prize granted by the Mar del Plata International Film Festival. She directed The Empty Olympus (2013) and The Dialog (2014). At the pesent time she teaches Film History and works as a director.










Pablo Racioppi was born in Buenos Aires in 1966. He studied Fine Arts and worked as art director in cinema publicity productions for locally and foreign producers, also as a set decorator in the movie Son of the Bride (Juan José Campanella, 2001) y Las voces de la noche (Salvador García Ruiz, 2003) and as art director in Regresados (Cristian Bernard and Flavio Nardini, 2007). He directed The Empty Olympus (2013) and The Dialog (2014). At the pesent time he works as a director.